Full Fibre Business Broadband

Full Fibre Business Broadband

Our broadband products are our fastest yet, with Ultrafast reaching upload speeds of up to 220Mbps and download speeds of up to 1Gbps.

All of our products are either “full fibre to the premises” (FTTP) or “fibre to the cabinet” (FTTC), with no additional phone lines required. Fibre cables are resistant to bad weather conditions and electromagnetic interference, and don’t lose bandwidth over long distances.

This means that your business can run smoothly, you can use as many devices as you need all at the same time and you won’t lose orders, payments or customers.

By 2025 the UK’s copper PSTN network will be switched off to make way for for the fibre network. And from 2022, we will only be selling fibre-based broadband and digital phone lines.

With the Full Fibre network, copper is no longer required between the exchange and your business, as it will be replaced by a pure fibre connection.

Our point to point Ethernet services provide secure private circuits. With options to add circuits to build your own networks or via different routes into your business to ensure cover for critical services.

Benefits of FTTP Business broadband

Faster Speeds

Full fibre can reach speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s (1Gb/s), whereas the average speed of a FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) connection is only around 42Mb/s. It is so fast that with the fastest speeds you could download a 6-season box set in 1 min 25 seconds! On an FTTC connection, the same download could take almost 20 minutes!

Relentlessly Reliable

The fibre optic cable that is used to connect you to full-fibre broadband is built to last and is much less susceptible to damage which can lead to faults. The new technology can last 40 years, while the current copper cable lasts 5 years. So you can expect to have little-to-no drop outs and fast speeds all the time!

More & More Devices

Full fibre optic is perfect if you have a busy home or business and lots of devices to connect. That includes the every-day devices you use like PC's, laptops, printers, and phones, iPads but also all the smart devices you can think of like fridges, lights, security systems, thermostats and more. On the fastest packages we offer, you could stream 4K videos on 36 devices at the same time with no buffering.

Improves Security

A full-fibre connection is the most secure way you can get a broadband connection into your home or business. That's because the data moves close to the speed of light, making it hard for criminals to interrupt or intercept the flow of data compared to other technologies.

Future-proof Connection

As full-fibre broadband is rolled out across the country, the current FTTC technology is being discontinued and one day in the future will be turned off completely. So upgrading now will save you any potential downtime when that happens!


Our cheapest full fibre package is just £35 a month, and we are always looking for opportunities to make our broadband even more affordable, so watch this space.

Dedicated Line

If you are currently on a FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) connection, you will be sharing your connection up to the cabinet with as many as 99 other homes or businesses! On full fibre, you will get a dedicated line straight to your premises.

Increased Property Value

A recent report found that homes in areas where full fibre is installed can increase prices by up to £3,500.


It might not be available yet!
Full-fibre broadband does take time to roll-out, and currently only about 30% of UK homes and businesses can get full fibre. This is rolling out quicker than you think, so keep checking back here, or register your interest with us, and be the first to know when you get full fibre

Your initial install can take time
As we’ve mentioned, full fibre involves installing a brand-new fibre optic connection to your home and this does involve more than simply switching around some cables. Engineers may need to install cables into your home, which can involve running cables alongside your home or through your garden to get the best possible speeds to you.

More expensive
Our cheapest full fibre packages is only £10 more expensive per month at £35.00 than our basic FTTC packages. So it will be an investment to upgrade to full-fibre broadband.