SoGEA - Affordable & Reliable Internet

SoGEA - Affordable, reliable internet

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) is a new product that enables us to provide FTTC without the need, or cost of a traditional phone line – you get everything you need within a single low cost product.

Currently most homes and businesses connect to openreach’s infrastructure using an analogue phone line with broadband added on top.

However, in the world of technology today most people only have this fixed line because it is necerssary for their broadband to work. With the advancement and cost effectiveness of mobile handsets and VoIP, and the nationwide rollout of full fibre networks, there is less and less requirement for old phone services. SOGEA allows you to buy a broadband connection without the need for a phone line. Instead, you get a voice service on a SOGEA line, although it will need to be an IP-based solution like VoIP.

Benefits of SoGEA Business Broadband

Cost Effective – With SoGEA your business doesn’t need to pay for a telephone line connection, which reduces your monthly cost.

Reliable – SoGEA uses an established network without the addition of a phone line which reduces the chance of interference and makes the connection more stable.

Quick Installation – Ethernet has always been a long wait to install – but not SoGEA. Now you can order internet in just one order. Previously you had to place two sequential orders, one for PSTN and one for internet once PSTN was installed. But with SoGEA it’s just one order making it one of the quickest and easiest broadband connections available.

Availability – available across the UK wherever fibre broadband is available, which makes it accessible for most businesses.

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