Enterprise WiFi Installation for Care Real Estate

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Bellcom-Teknicare’s Enterprise WiFi Installations

The Client

Care Real Estate, a leading player in the UK residential property sector, has been providing award-winning services to both tenants and landlords for over 30 years. As a private provider for social housing, they have successfully housed over 5,000 tenants, demonstrating a deep commitment to quality living standards.

The Challenge

Care Real Estate recently acquired a large building in Surrey, comprising 33 flats. This new acquisition required the installation of a high-speed fibre line capable of delivering a strong and stable WiFi connection throughout the entire building. The objective was to offer tenants a secure captive-portal with various paid subscription packages for WiFi access. Crucially, this system needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing payment system and adhere to PCI compliance standards to ensure secure transactions.

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The Solution – Enterprise WiFi Installation

Upon contacting Bellcom-Teknicare, an initial on-site meeting was promptly arranged. During this meeting, we conducted a thorough survey of the building and discussed in detail the specific requirements and objectives that Care Real Estate aimed to achieve.

Following this assessment, we prepared a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations for their enterprise WiFi installation. We suggested the installation of a Gigabit fibre line to ensure high-speed internet connectivity. To distribute this connection efficiently throughout the building, we recommended deploying 16 WiFi 6 access points, providing robust coverage and reliable performance.

To address the need for a secure and customisable captive portal, we arranged a demo showcasing how this feature could be tailored to meet their specific subscription packages. This demonstration included an overview of the integration with their payment system, ensuring PCI compliance and secure handling of tenant transactions.

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The Results

The enterprise WiFi installation was executed with Bellcom-Teknicare’s trademark efficiency, adhering to both the agreed budget and timeline. Post-installation feedback from Care Real Estate highlighted several key successes:

  1. Network Performance: The client reported significant improvements in network performance, noting the strength and stability of the WiFi connection throughout the building.
  1. Customer Satisfaction: The ability to offer a reliable and secure WiFi service greatly enhanced tenant satisfaction. Both tenants and visitors can access the internet effortlessly, supported by a branded landing page that enhances the user experience.
  1. Flexibility and Scalability: Care Real Estate appreciates the flexibility and scalability of the solution. The system allows them to offer different levels of access based on user needs and preferences, adapting easily to varying demands.
  1. Managed Solution: Our enterprise WiFi installation solution provides a “hands-off” approach, enabling Care Real Estate to focus on other critical areas of their business. This includes server hosting, remote maintenance, management, and ongoing support.


Uzair Ali, the Director of Care Real Estate, expressed his satisfaction with the project:

100% would recommend. Very smooth service and customer care from start to finish for all your telecommunication needs.

Our collaboration with Care Real Estate stands as a testament to Bellcom-Teknicare’s commitment to delivering high-quality enterprise WiFi installations. We are proud to have played a part in enhancing the living experience for tenants, and supporting Care Real Estate in their mission to provide top-tier residential services.

To get in touch with broadband experts, contact Bellcom-Teknicare today on 0203 393 0000, or via our email, team@bellcom.org.


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Enterprise wifi installation wifi 6

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