Roaming for Mobile

Roaming Rates and Charges

Unlike many networks, we still offer a number of inclusive destinations where you can continue to use your UK SIM, and your UK plan, with no additional roaming charges. These include:

Country Code Country
GOA Alderney
AUT Austria
BEL Belgium
BGR Bulgaria
HRV Croatia
CYP Cyprus
CZE Czech Republic
DNK Denmark
EST Estonia
FRO Faroe Islands
FIN Finland
FRA France*
DEU Germany
GIB Gibraltar
GRC Greece
GLP Guadeloupe
GGY Guernsey
HUN Hungary
ISL Iceland
IRL Ireland
GOM Isle of Man
Country Code Country
ITA Italy**
GOJ Jersey
LVA Latvia
LIE Litchenstein
LTU Lithuania
LUX Luxembourg
MLT Malta
MCO Monaco
NLD Netherlands
NOR Norway***
POL Poland
PRT Portugal****
ROM Romania
SMR San Marino
SVK Slovakia
SVN Slovenia
ESP Spain*****
SWE Sweden
CHE Switzerland
TUR Turkey

*Including French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte & Saint Martin **Including Vatican City ***Including Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands ****Including Azores & Madeira *****Including Balearic Islands & Canary Islands

In the above countries you can use your UK allowances of calls, texts and data for no additional cost (NB; 25GB limit on data use)

For countries where roaming is not included, we have some of the lowest cost roaming call and data packages available.

To see our World Traveller Roaming rates, please click here.

Roaming Fair Usage Policy: In line with recent changes around Roam Like at Home legislation we have introduced a new fair usage policy to ensure end user allowances are being used for purpose whilst roaming:

Policy Terms:  
Inclusive roaming services on mobile tariffs have been built for business users who travel periodically, and not for those who roam across foreign networks on a semi-permanent basis. If a customer uses their mobile in destinations outside the UK that qualify for inclusive access to standard bundles, for more than 50% of the time in any four-month rolling period, they will receive a communication requesting a moderation of roaming services. If usage continues to exceed 50% as described in the two week period following notification, we reserve the right to charge for this business roaming service.

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