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Elliott Clements

Telecoms & Connectivity Support
Elliott Clements

I’m Elliott, and I started at Bellcom as an apprentice in 2021, and within a year was promoted to a full-time employee on the telecoms and connectivity side of the business.

I love my job, mainly because I get to speak to so many interesting people and find ways to help them with their telecoms or internet concerns and requirements.  I know this can be quite “tekkie” for some people, but I think I can explain things in a way that makes it more interesting

There are so many new things developing all the time, so I am constantly learning new things to show our clients….so please give me a call if there is any advice you need.

I am a huge Liverpool fan……and working in a Company where there are so many other football fans can be quite “interesting” at times…..but as we win more than anyone else I enjoy reminding them of this!