Meet The Team

Steve Bellamy

CEO and Managing Director
Steve Bellamy

Hi, I’m Steve, and yes this is where the buck stops!  That said, I have a great team, and they have my full confidence.  My day to day role is to ensure everything runs smoothly, and we remain commercially viable, both as a business, and in terms of our client offerings.  I am always working on new ways to provide additional services and benefits for clients…….

I started in Telecoms in 1986 (when I was VERY young), and totally enjoy all that I do, especially working with our clients and see the growth and transformation of their businesses.  I have also happy to say that many clients are now friends as well, which is very nice, and makes me happy as this proves that we must be doing something right – or that I really am a nice guy!!

Married to the wonderful Julie (she’s our FD too, so defiantly need to keep her happy!)…… little girl (she will hate me for saying that!!) is Shelby……and she joined the Company in 2019, and you can read all about her in her profile……but I will just add, that she joined the team on her merits, and not because she is my daughter, in fact in the office you would be hard pressed to know we are related!!