Meet The Team

Tiago Coelho

General Manager & Support Team Leader
Tiago Coelho

I’m Tiago – Support team manager for Bellcom communications and Teknicare Ltd. I have been with Bellcom Communications since 2015 and started my journey as an apprentice.

In 2015 I was in full time higher education but soon realised I wanted to pursue a career within IT and Telecoms. I took the opportunity to join Bellcom and have since been promoted to Support Team Manager and with that, it has bought responsibility and personal development into my career.

When I’m in the office, I am responsible for ensuring our award winning support team maintains a high level of service for all our clients whilst making sure all our systems operate smoothly. I provide support to the team and ensure all our tasks and projects are completed to the highest standard. I make certain our new employees and apprentices are trained and well looked after.

When I am out of the office, I am visiting clients fixing and installing new IT and business phone systems as well as visiting new potential clients who are interested in the services we offer. Being out of the office allows me to create strong relationships with our clients which provides me with great job satisfaction – never a dull moment!

In my personal life outside of working hours, I am either out on the weekends with friends or I am spending time with my family. I enjoy travelling to different parts of the world from beach holidays to city breaks!