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The Great British Switch Off

By the end of 2023 it will no longer be possible to buy a traditional telephone line rental service. the copper PSTN/ISDN telephone network is being switched off altogether in 2025

What that means is if your business is currently making use of traditional telephone wires for your voice needs, you will need to upgrade to another service.

As the old ‘analogue’ phone network is switched off, Digital Voice will be the natural replacement – for business and home users alike. The great news is that – as far as a user is concerned – it works in almost an identical way to the phone system you’re already used to.

The only difference?

Instead of plugging your handset into your master socket to make and receive telephone calls, you’ll plug your telephone into the back of your router instead. Calls are routed over the internet instead of the copper telephone network.

Although the technicalities involved in transmitting and receiving voice signals are quite different (digital vs analogue), for a user there will be little or no noticeable difference

Digital Voice

As we’ve already said, over the next couple of years traditional phone services are going to be switched off. So you will need to move to Digital Voice if you want to carry on using the telephone for business. We have may options available if you want to do a lot more with your business communications, but whichever you choose, your analogue voice service won’t be around forever.

As the existing system ages, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. This Victorian-era system has served the country well for many years, but it has long exceeded its natural lifespan. And in a world where communications can be carried out much more reliably and in much higher quality over our internet connections, the decision has been made to retire the existing set-up.

just as copper broadband services are becomming rarer and rarer – replaced by high quality fibre – so too will traditional phone services that use the same cables.

for most people, the switch will be relatively seamless. If you are one of the small number of users still on a traditional voice service beyond next year, you will be contacted with alternative options in advance of the switch-off.

The answer to that question is a simple no.

First of all, the move to full fibre connections means the end of compulsory line rental. If you’re an exclusive mobile user, for example, you might decide that you’d rather just take a broadband only deal in the future.

If you do need a voice service, you’ll be able to access Digital Voice (with included minutes) for less than a typical cost of an existing line rental.

Yes. When you’re ordering your Digital Voice service, you’ll be able to get your existing number transferred for free.

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