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Is your phone system holding you back?

Your phone system is a crucial part of your business infrastructure. Discover why your outdated PBX is seriously limiting your potential – and how better communications can set your business free.

Modern communications are the bedrock of modern businesses

Good communications is the key to good business. Modern integrated communications can help businesses delight customers, retain talent and grow without major capital investment.

The flipside is that outdated communications can hold your business back. Contact us and we will explain:

  • Why traditional PBX phone systems are no longer fit for modern businesses
  • The hidden costs you pay for an outdated system
  • The benefits of cloud communications and how an integrated system can help your business grow
The result: your PBX system is inflexible, isolated from other business systems and costly to maintain

Your PBX is no longer fit for purpose

Traditional phone systems based on a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) model are designed to allow office-based employees to make and take calls – And nothing more.

But when businesses are increasingly mobile and virtual – and communications increasingly integrated – that isn’t enough.

The digital divide

PBX performs in isolation from most of your other IT systems despite the fact that nearly all of them are primarily about communication. This separation of systems is damaging and unnecessary. Today telecoms and IT have merged into one powerful tool, sharing data and offering new and better ways to interact.

An outdated system

With an outdated PBX system, you buy the kit upfront and pay to have it installed, incurring significant facility costs and maintenance charges. Somebody needs to look after your phone system, tying up a resource that would be better used elsewhere.

If you want new features you pay to upgrade the entire system, and obsolete equipment is written off. If your system goes down, so does your business

Switching to a cloud communications system will help to create a more agile, productive and profitable business

High performance communications are now critical to business success

In contrast to your old PBX, modern communications help your business by.......

Supporting mobile
Your employees are increasingly on-the-go or working remotely. They need a communications system that allows them to stay in touch and be productive wherever they are.

Meeting expectations
Customers have rising expectations for service and support. Your communications need to meet (or exceed) these expectations.

Responding rapidly
Modern communications can help you respond rapidly to changing market conditions or new competitor threats.

Encouraging cooperation and collaboration
Businesses no longer operate in isolation. Advanced communications make it easy to collaborate with suppliers, partners and customers, whenever and however they want.

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